Consensus: Moving upmarket with the help of revenue-based financing

Based out of Lehi, Utah, Consensus is a leader in demo automation software. Their goal is to help organizations around the world improve overall sales productivity and create interactive, on-demand demos personalized to the prospect and the features they find most relevant. As a result, Consensus customers report a significant increase in close rates and the creation of more presales capacity.

Here’s how they were able to accelerate growth and launch into the enterprise market with the help of Riverside Acceleration Capital’s partnership and funding.

Moving upmarket

When we first met the Consensus team in 2017, they were in the middle of a move upmarket, going from primarily serving SMB and mid-market accounts to prioritizing the enterprise. With limited bandwidth this transition was proving to be difficult as their resources were being split between supporting the existing customer base and selling to the Enterprise. This was a significant shift in strategy and required a complete re-positioning of the company (including a name change!).

Although they had raised some venture capital previously, they knew they would need additional capital to fully support the move – which would require new product development, a full rebranding, and major changes to the team. As they went through this transition, they were keen to defer doing a priced equity round until they could prove the new strategy and accelerate their growth.

We offered Consensus a way to do just that – while accessing the hands-on support of experienced operators who had navigated the move upmarket before. Our revenue-based financing model[1] enabled Consensus to access the growth capital they needed without diluting their equity or setting a valuation on the company, and Riverside’s global platform provided the resources to accelerate growth.

Our initial investment and hands-on support

RAC provided an initial investment of $1.1 million in non-dilutive growth capital, which helped to support Consensus’s move upmarket.

Over the following years, Consensus worked closely with Jon Temple and our Growth Advisors[2] to design and execute on a strategic growth plan. Our team of experienced operators were able to provide support for all areas of the business, including positioning, compensation, executive recruitment, and organizational design. As part of The Riverside Company, a global multi-strategy investment firm with over $10 billion in assets under management as of October 2021, we were also able to connect Consensus with the resources, tools, and relationships to support their growth journey. This included but was not limited to, three new customer relationships with Riverside owned companies, access to large-company rates and services with vendors, and a new employee benefits program through a Riverside-owned professional employer organization (PEO) provider.

With this funding and guidance, Consensus was able to successfully launch and validate their new market positioning. This strategy paid off, and the company grew by over 300% in the following three years.

Follow-on rounds and a long-term partnership

We were able to help support Consensus both financially and strategically. They were getting the resources of a global firm and a team vested in their success, with the capacity to make follow-on non-dilutive and traditional growth equity investments. In fact, we’ve now made three separate investments in Consensus.

In early 2020, we provided an additional $500k in revenue-based financing, which helped Consensus accelerate their growth even further, ahead of a significant Series A equity round that we enthusiastically led later that year.

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About Riverside Acceleration Capital

Riverside Acceleration Capital (RAC) provides flexible growth capital to expansion-stage B2B software and technology companies, through an investment structure that maximizes alignment while minimizing dilution. RAC is part of The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm focused on investing in growing businesses valued at up to $400 million. Riverside has made more than 650 investments as of October 2021. The firm's international private equity and structured capital portfolios include more than 100 companies.

About Consensus

Consensus is intelligent demo automation software that helps you scale Presales. Using Consensus, your sales engineering team builds a library of reusable interactive video demos that Sales sends out on-demand. Consensus automatically personalizes the experience and tracks engagement, bringing prospects to live demos better educated and ready to talk specifics. This reduces unqualified demos to near zero and can double your SE team's productivity.

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